HaiPerMon is an application for geodetic and geotechnical monitoring. At its core sits InfluxDB, a modern database for time series data. This is filled with the measurements from the sensors at the monitoring location. In most cases, data will be transferred via FTP, but other ways (such as e-mail) are possible. The import program is written in Python and can perform various processing tasks, including temperature correction.For visualization and alarming, Grafana is used. Grafana is a very powerful application for the visualization of data in a webbrowser. Multiple chart types, including maps, are possible. With these interactive dashboards can be built that show the state of the monitored objects at a glance. Various channels can be used for alarming. It is possible to directly query the database for further analysis of the measurements using InfluxDB’s easy to use Python API.

HaiPerMon can be hosted on any Linux server. Hai Performance can do this for you, but an on-premise installation on a system of your own is possible, too. Interested? Then get in touch.