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Mechanical keyboards

As I’ve written in my review of my HP ZBook Power G9, I wasn’t entirely happy with the keyboard layout. The half-height cursor and top-row buttons are annoying. I tried to deal with it by using […]


I had a feeling that my new HP laptop was not giving full performance, especially in multi-core applications. To check whether my feeling was correct, I ran several benchmarks, Cinebench R23 and Geekbench 6. I also […]

Choosing a laptop backpack

As I considered my previous backpack too heavy, I decided to go looking for a new one – the challenge being that there are countless possibilities. My list of requirements was relatively short: Space for a […]

Lenovo L15 portable monitor review

I’m probably not the only one who, when working from home, works at the kitchen or dinner table instead of a dedicated desk. By using only your laptop screen, you sacrifice quite a bit of screen […]