How to install Geopandas on Anaconda

Geopandas is an extension to the powerful Pandas library for Python that adds support for geographic data, including reading and writing ESRI shapefiles, which are one of the most common formats for vector geometry with attribute information. Geopandas is not included within the default Anaconda installation. Getting it to work can be a bit tricky. The way that worked for me was the following:

  1. Make sure your .condarc is configured to use the conda-forge channel, as described here.
  2. Open an Anaconda prompt as administrator.
  3. Update Anaconda by running conda update –all – don’t be surprised if the list of packages to be updated is quite extensive, as many packages from the default channel will be replaced by those from the conda-forge channel.
  4. With the update completed, conda install geopandas should result in a working Geopandas installation.

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